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Want to advertise your Gravitation rpg? Trying to find a partner, but can't anyone to play character x? Are you the mod of a multifandom game who has never seen Gravitation and can't figure out if your Suguru is blatantly OOC or not? Do you have a really funny/cute/sexy log and nowhere to post it? Are you afraid that your Gravitation based OOC might be a Mary Sue and need an expert opinion? Are you totally clueless about how to rp over livejournal? Then this is the place for you!

1. The following posts are acceptable: gravitation/Multi-fandom advertisements, advertising yourself, rp logs, asking questions about rping, concrit of your own rping or of your Gravitation OOCs. No advertising original games or fandom games unrelated to gravitation.

2. No flaming people or other rpgs. Keep your grudges out of here. I don't care if they killed your puppy, but this isn't the place. If you really need to rant, go to bad_rpers_suck.

3. Rpg ads should generally follow this format:

4. Use the following format to advertise yourself

5. Only post ads twice a week

And this one for logs:

6. About Concrit: If you're requesting concrit, expect that not every comment is going to be roses and sunshine. Some people may very well criticize you. Don't ask for concrit only to expect praise. I'm not saying that the commenters have to find fault with you, but they are obligated to point out anything wonky. So don't bitch if you don't like it.

7. Concrit forms

Characterization/Rping Form:

OC Characterization Form:

8. Aside from ads and concrit, you can also do the following: ask questions, start discussions, throw out ideas or recommend resources. Just make sure it relates to gravitation or rping.

Inspired by rp_me_weiss and rp_me_pot.