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28 February 2008 @ 11:45 pm
New Gravitation RPG - Seven Deadly Sins  

It seems kinda dead around here, but I'd like to advertise for my RPG anyway:

<b>RPG:</b> 7deadlysins_rpg

<b>Format:</b> LiveJournal

<b>Contact Info:</b> disturbedangel83@yahoo.com

<b>Genre:</b> Set after the manga ends; Hiro and Ayaka had a little daughter, Mayumi. Soon after Mayumi's birth, Ayaka left Hiro for another guy, leaving the kid with Hiro. Tohma and Mika had their son, and Reiji took Ryuichi back to America to try on his acting career. 

<b>Plot:</b> Seven of the Gravitation characters are constantly being stalked by a complete stranger who claims to punish them for their sins (Shuichi=pride, Eiri=wrath, Hiro=envy, Suguru=gluttony, Tohma=greed, Tatsuha=lust, K=sloth). When strange things start to happen every time they commit to their sin, what seemed to be a sick joke turns out to be an ill-natured game. There is no way out unless they stick together and change, but that doesn't turn out to be all it's cracked up to be.

<b>Needed Characters:</b> 
Claude "K" Winchester
Fujisaki Suguru
Nakano Hiroshi
Seguchi Tohma
Shindou Shuichi
Uesugi "Yuki" Eiri
Uesugi Tatsuha

<b>OC's allowed?</b> I would say no, but since I have put in an OC (Mayumi), I feel like it would be unfair if I didn't give others a chance.
<lj-cut text="OC Characterization Form"><b>Rpg This Character is in/Will be in/Was rejected from:</b>
<b>Character Name:</b>
<b>Purpose:</b> (Why are they in the storyline?  What do they contribute?)
<b>Journal Sample:</b><lj-cut>(1st person entry, if applicable.)</lj-cut>
<b>Rping Sample:</b><lj-cut>(3rd person entry)</lj-cut>
<b>Concerns, Notes:</b>

<lj-cut text="Rules">
1. Stay in character when posting as your character. A little bit OOC is alright, as long as it's believable. That is, don't do crazy things like pairing Sakano up with Shuichi. List of allowed couples:
One-sided HiroXShuichi
One-sided TatsuhaXRyuichi
One-sided TohmaXEiri
One-sided ReijiXShuichi
One-sided SakanoXTohma

2. Post at least once a week. If you seriously cannot be online for a while, inform me beforehand.

3. You use your regular journal for posting logs in the community. You're not in character when posting in the community.

4. You're the one responsible for your characters' plots. Make sure you've read the plot line above.

5. No god-moding. I really don't respect that and I can be strict when I need to be.

6. Please, no OOC fights. We're old and experienced enough to get along.

7. Experimenting is appreciated. It's even encouraged.

8. Remember that the plot line is what everything revolves around here, so involve it in your character's life as much as you can.

9. Angst is perfect for this RPG, but please don't exaggerate. Suicide is a little bit too much.

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